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Fiction Writing Fundamentals:
Blog Introduction

Coming soon! Look out for blog posts in early 2022. Subscribe to my website to receive new blog posts and other writing-related updates by email.


Fiction Writing Fundamentals will present clear explanations of fiction writing basics. These basics will truly be basics: Rather than providing style or craft advise, this blog will prioritize fundamental elements of fiction and fiction writing.

Why a focus on fundamentals and basics?

It’s true that reading often and reading broadly allows writers to intuit many aspects of writing craft. To hone specific fiction writing skills we can look to craft books, writing workshops, and even lectures by our favorite authors. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of resources focus on more intricate elements of writing such as plot, setting, and character development, expecting writers to arrive already bearing certain fundamental knowledge. So these blog posts will serve as a prequel to style and craft advice, providing a solid base to support the more in-depth craft advice found in other resources.

While these blog posts will be more informative than prescriptive, they will include some clearly-labeled Drafting tips, Revising tips, and Further Reading suggestions along the way.

So, how basic are we talking?

Fiction Writing Fundamentals will focus on everything from whether the punctuation goes inside or outside the quotation marks when writing dialogue (spoiler: inside!) to explaining and exploring the utility and effect of different POVs. These blog posts will define terms such as "omniscient point of view" and "epistolary," as well as contextualizing elements of writing within the field.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for you! But more specifically, it’s for anyone just starting out as well as experienced writers who just want to brush up on the basics. This blog is great for new writers, writers who are looking for a quick refresher, writers trying out something new (such as a POV or tense not previously utilized), and everyone in between.


If I haven’t written about a topic you’re interested in, use my contact form to let me know what fiction writing basics you’d like to read about in future posts! Subscribe to my website to receive new blog posts and other writing-related updates by email.

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